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About Waiting Children of Asia

The WCA Website
This listing is provided free of charge as a public service to facilitate the coming together of parents and their children. We have designed the site to protect the integrity of the children and their country of origin, while providing an opportunity for children without homes to join a family. Only children considered hard to place (who are unlikely to find a home through other channels) are listed.

The Waiting Children of Asia web page focuses on children in Asian countries, because that is where we adopted our children. As listowners of the Adoptive Parents of Vietnam mailing list, we discovered that parents who were interested in adopting older children, sibling groups and children with special needs and disabilities were finding it difficult to get information. Meanwhile adoption agencies were finding it difficult to share information about these children available for adoption. The Waiting Children of Asia web page was started to bring these parents and agencies together so that these special children can find homes.

The Children
Most children listed here are 'waiting' for a home because they are older siblings, boys, or have minor or major special needs. You are encouraged to find out more information about adoption of older and/or special needs children through your agency and the various adoption resources listed in this site. All children adopted internationally should have an immediate and thorough medical evaluation upon arrival home. See our section on Adoption Health for additional information and a listing of international adoption medical clinics.

To protect the privacy of the children and their referring countries, identification information is limited on the website. However, if you contact the agencies listed they will be glad to provide more information on any of these children.

The Agencies
The agencies listed on these pages with waiting children are reputable agencies in their field. Generally speaking, agencies that make an effort to identify and place children with special needs provide above average adoption information and support. You are welcome to join the various Adoption Mailing Lists and inquire about experiences that members have had with any of them. You should also contact the agencies directly and inquire about references.

Cultural Heritage
When you adopt your child from a different country and culture, you are also blessed with the opportunity to explore and encourage the international heritage that your children bring into your family. A number of resources are now available online to help you impart this heritage with pride and enthusiasm, see our Adoption Book Reviews, List of Adoption Mailing Lists, and Shops & Services sections.

Disabilities and Special Needs
There are a variety of resources for special needs on the Internet; see our sections on Adoption Health and on Children's Special Needs and Disabilities for articles and resources. Parent to parent support for special needs families can be found through our large List of Mailing Lists for Children with Disabilities.

Process for Adoption of Waiting Children
To complete your adoption, you will need a Homestudy, INS approval, and papers approved by the child's country (a dossier). If you have completed your paperwork and homestudy, these can usually be updated within a reasonable period of time, depending upon the requirements of the agency and country. For example if you have adopted previously, your former homestudy can be updated, usually for a lower fee and quicker time frame. INS approval for an international adoption from one country can also be transferred to another country relatively quickly and easily. Travel, paperwork requirements and procedures vary significantly among countries and among agencies - check with the agencies listed for the requirements for the child you may wish to adopt. For more information see our section on How to Adopt.

Adoption of Children with Special Needs Adoption of Children with Special Needs

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