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Hepatitis B Resources

Annotated Hepatitis B internet resources for parents adopting from Asia.
Compiled by Allison Martin

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Hepatitis B Support Mailing Lists
Email support and information for those with hepatitis B concerns.

Adoption Health & Hepatitis B on Comeunity
Essential articles on Hepatitis B for adoptive parents on the Comeunity website, including the Hepatitis B and Adoption from Asia FAQ.

HepNet - The Hepatitis Information Network
3535 Trans-Canada Highway, Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada H9R 1B4
News, articles, information for doctors and patients - this site is well worth a visit. An excellent collection of articles on hepatitis infection and treatment, including:

o Hepatitis infection and its prevelance among Chinese populations.
o Hepatitis B in Taiwan

Hepatitis B Foundation
700 East Butler Avenue, Doylestown PA 18901-2697 Phone:  215.489.4900  fax:  215.489.4920
A good resource about hepatitis information for parents, including an explanation of blood tests. Basic information for adoptive parents is provided in brochures and online. Also, you can contact the Hepatitis B Foundation to speak with a parent who has adopted a child with HBV.

Center for Disease Control
Toll free telephone for hepatitis information: (888) 4HEPCDC or (888) 443-7232
Federal center for information on diseases in the United States.

o CDC Travel Information
o Hepatitis B Factsheets

Hepatitis B Coalition
1573 Selby Avenue, St. Paul MN 55104 Tel: 612-647-9009 Fax: 612-647-9131
Numerous articles on immunization and hepatitis infection; some are translated into Hmong, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Laotian.

o What the Physician Can Do to Help the Child Who is a Hepatitis B Carrier
o Basic Knowledge About Hepatitis Infections (see chart on interpretation of test results)

Is There Life after Hepatitis B? by Jerri Ann Jenista, MD
Most children with chronic hepatitis B can look forward to a full and normal life.

Infectious Disease and the Internationally Adopted Child by Jerri Ann Jenista, MD
Excellent discussion of infectious disease in adopted children.

Hepatitis B: No Guarantee by Jerri Ann Jenista, MD, Dana E. Johnson, MD, Laurie C. Miller, MD, Dennis L. Murray, MD
A warning about the accuracy and dangers of pre-adoption testing for Hepatitis B.

Dr. Jane Ellen Aronson
International Pediatric Health Services, 151 East 62nd Street, Suite 1A, New York, New York 10021
Medical issues related to international adoption.

o The importance of Hepatitis B vaccinations for adoptive parents before placement.
o Adoption from China & Hepatitis B.

American Liver Foundation
75 Maiden Lane, Suite 603 New York, NY 10038 1-800-GOLIVER (1800-465-4837)
News, research, and conferences.

PK Kids - Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases
A great resource for parents of children with hepatitis b and other infectious diseases.

Hepatitis Foundation International
30 Sunrise Terrace, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009-1423, USA Phone: 973.239.1035 or 800.891.0707
FAQs and research summaries on hepatitis.

Children's Liver Alliance
3835 Richmond Avenue, Box 190, Staten Island, New York 10312 USA Telephone/Fax: 718-987-6200
Information on the liver and transplants, including: research summaries and a parents newsletter.

Hepatitis B Vol 4.2 by Stuart Millinship, Health On the Net Foundation
This comprehensive FAQ by a layperson aims to strike a middle ground between the basic information available to the general public and the highly technical information in medical journals.

Hepatitis Support Mailing Lists

HBV Adoption List
HBV-Adoption is for parents of children adopted internationally who have the Hepatitis B virus. A wonderful resource. Subscribe via Yahoo at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hbv-adoption

PKIDs (Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases) is for parents of kids with chronic viral infectious diseases. An educated and helpful group of parents participate on this list. To join, send the message: SUBSCRIBE

Information and support regarding hepatitis B is shared in an atmosphere of compassion and friendship.
A great resource for individuals coping with hepatitis B, adoptive parents are welcome. To subscribe send any message to: HEPATITIS-B-ON@MAIL-LIST.COM

Hepatitis Discussion List for people who have diagnosed with chronic hepatitis and liver infection, also family members and professionals. To join, send the message: SUBSCRIBE HEPV-L Your Name

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Hepatitis B

Physician Articles
FAQ Hepatitis B & Adoption from Asia - Martin; Dr. Jenista, MD
Hepatitis B - Dr. Worman, MD
Hep B Virus Description - Dr. Ackerman

Parenting Articles
What Our Daughters Taught Us
Adoptive Parents Discuss Hepatitis B

Physician reprints (Hepatitis B Coalition)
Hepatitis B FAQ - Dr. Wexler, MD
Advice For Adoptive Parents - Dr. Schwarzenberg, MD
The HBsAg Positive Patient - Dr. Smith, M.D.

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Tests and vaccinations for children adopted from Asia - Dr. Gindler, MD
Infectious Disease and the Internationally Adopted Child - Dr. Jenista, MD

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Dr. Palmer's Hepatitis Liver Disease Dr. Worman's Liver Disorder Sourcebook


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