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How to Help Girls Orphaned by AIDs in Uganda

By Joy Haas, Uganda Mission, Church of Nativity

The needs of the Ugandan people first came to the attention of the Church of the Nativity through Bishop Samuel Kamya, the Bishop of West Buganda, during his visit to his family and our church during the summer of 2000. Bishop Kamya did not come asking for help but the members of the Church of Nativity saw the overwhelming need and wanted to help.

If you listen to or read the news you know this has been a troubled area of the world for decades. Conflict has existed among the tribal units and continues to this day. Uganda is believed to be the cradle for the AIDs virus; as a result their population has diminished to mostly children and the very old. There are few middle-agers in Uganda. The people who remain are poor. It takes all their efforts to find food and shelter, the most basic needs of life.

The hope for the country is education. The government pays for the Primary level of education that covers ages 6 to 12. The families must pay for education beyond age 12. The family often consists of only children where there is no money. Bishop Kamya has proposed a Scholarship Fund for Needy Children in West Bugandan Diocese. He has brought to our attention 57 girls who are orphaned, from poor means who have the desire and capability to continue their education if the funds are there. The cost per child is $483.75 per year, consisting of 3 terms per year. This money includes tuition fees, maintenance, books and stationary, clothing, food, bedding, minimum health care, transportation cost to and from school, and a small amount of pocket money. Based on the Bishop's figures of 57 students at an annual cost of $483.75/student/year the initial goal was to raise $27,573.75 for the first year's education. With the generous help of so many we have achieved that first goal. Now the goal is to find the means to continue that funding level for all 57 girls in year 2.

How can you help? If you would be willing to help sponsor a student, please contact Joy Hass at Also, if you are a member of a civic group, sports team, bridge club, soccer league or other group that would be interested in sponsoring a student please let me know. I will be happy to talk with you or your group about this project and the impact it is making.


Joy Haas
Ugandan Mission
The Church of the Nativity
8849 Ray Road, Raleigh, NC 27613



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