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Our Son Andrew
by Claudia Gunderson
Adopting a Waiting Boy
by Kim Breuer
Consider a Boy
by Caroline Kirk

Our Son Andrew

by Claudia Gunderson

I always pictured myself with a little girl. When we were early on in the process of adoption whenever I thought about our child it was a girl. In fact, we had two names picked out -- Elizabeth (for my mother) and Andrew (for my husband's grandpa and uncle). We almost always called the baby Elizabeth Andrew or Andrew Elizabeth.

When we got our referral and it was a boy we were thrilled! We had a Son! Our SON! I remember how excited I was when I had to make an appointment with the pediatrician for MY SON! We love this little boy so much that some times it's scary. He is funny, and loving and I can't imagine what our house would be like without him. I don't even remember what it's like to play with dolls now -- we are far too much into Star Wars and Thomas the Tank for that.

Who knew that when we prayed for a child that God's answer would be a son -- every stage of his growing up is something different, a different challenge, a new thing learned. He is wonderful, he is my friend but best of all, he is my Son.

Claudia Gunderson -- Proud Mamma to Andrew George Ho Joon born in Taegu, South Korea on April 29, 1997, Arrived home on October 2, 1997.

Adopting a Waiting Boy

by Kim Breuer

When we set out for out 7th child, 4th international adoption, we specifically went into it wanting a boy. We already had 2 older sons (now 17 & 16) and one older daughter (14) as well as 3 little girls adopted from China, Korea and China... Our reasoning for asking for a boy was that, having both boys and girls, we knew many times boys went without homes and there was absolutely no reason for us not to bring home a little boy this time!!.. We so enjoyed the sons we already had and were ready to welcome another boy into our home.

Nicholas was a waiting child with Children's Home Society of Minnesota's special needs Korea program. Since he was older at referral than we had said we were interested in and since had a very serious medical condition (chronic renal insufficiency), I was hesitant myself... When I saw that face, well, I knew.... Of course we did take the time to research his special need out and to make sure our medical insurance would be able to cover all his medical care if required. Despite the fact we were told his kidneys were functioning at what they thought would be 25-30%, we knew the Lord was telling us this was our son....

Our son, Justin, and I arrived home from Seoul, Korea on my birthday in the summer of 1999... At 4-1/2 yrs of age and home 2 yrs, Nicholas is doing very well. His kidneys are functioning at approximately 55-60%, which is very good actually. As he grows, we risk a kidney transplant as his reserves will be used up... His biggest issue, at least now, is that he's in speech therapy but even that is helping..

We enjoyed adopting a little boy so much that, in February 2001, we traveled to Hong Kong to adopt an almost 4-year-old little boy... Nicholas, and his new brother, Nathanael, are just wonderful! I oftentimes tell people if they could just see our little boys in action, more people would be inclined to adopt boys!!!

Consider a Boy

By Carolyn Kirk

My husband and I were talking over the sex of our soon to be adopted child. We both wanted a girl and then my husband decided to ask for a sibling younger boy, so we could take two at once. When I called Maine Adoption Services ( MAPS ). Irene called me back 45 minutes after our initial conversation and offered me twin boys. Our lives were forever changed and enriched by boys. They are a wonder and a joy.

Girls are lovely. My biological child is a wonderful, sweet girl. But my boys are just pure fun and excitement. Consider a boy and you will always remember that little voice saying " Night Pie" to you in imitation of your "Good night Sweetie Pie". [Twins, India 1999]

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