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My husband, Mike, and I are parents to preemie twin boys, Gregory and Evan, who are now 9 years old and in the third grade.  They were born at 28 weeks weighing 2 pounds 12 ounces and 3 pounds 1 ounce. 

Gregory, the larger of the twins, was in the hospital 8 weeks and had few problems.  Evan, on the other hand, had one complication after another - they told us he would never live.  When he was nine weeks old, they told us it looked like he would live, but had an 80% chance of having cerebral palsy.  Or, if it wasn't CP, he would be seriously developmentally delayed - they couldn't promise us he would ever be toilet trained, feed himself, speak in sentences, or walk.  He came home after 3-1/2 months, but was back in the hospital three times by the time he was 18 months old. 

Both boys recieved OT/PT/Speech for about 3 years, and Evan still struggles a little with handwriting and some fine motor things. In kindergarten, the public school here wanted to put the boys in a multiple handicapped classroom, which we fought.  It was a nightmare!  We moved them to a small private Christian school where they have made remarkable progress.  They are both on the honor roll and happy in the nuturing environment there.

Right now, our biggest concern is Gregory and Evan's physical size.  They are 9-1/2 years old, but have a bone age of a 6 year old.  Our pediatrician sent us to an endocrinologist to investigate why they continue to be so small.  The endocrinologist did a few tests, but does not seem concerned.  It is frustrating because the size issue is becoming a bigger and bigger problem to the boys.

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