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Celebration Articles

The Strongest Men is a Father's Day tribute to the dad's of children born prematurely.

Special Needs of Preemies

Dental Problems Related to Prematurity (Dianne Maroney)

Articles on Prematurity and Growth

Will My Baby "Catch Up"?
A summary of scientific studies on growth and prematurity.
"Catch-up growth can continue into adolescence, and the majority of tiny premature infants should be normal sized adults."

From Diapers to Dating or Will My Child Ever Grow Tall?
Discussion of the growth of children born prematurely and parental reactions.

Growing Anxiety : A Mother's Concern For Her Micropremie's Growth
"I hold my breath every time he gets on the doctor's scale.  It seems to be the ultimate test of my worthiness as a parent."

A Preemie Grows Up
A mother's joy at the maturation of her teenage daughter, who was born prematurely.

Prematurity: Birthdays and Memories
When your baby was born prematurely, birthdays can evoke emotional and complex feelings

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