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Our Daughter's Health

By Sharon L. Roan

Our Daughter's Health

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Review by Allison Martin

Our Daughter's Health by Sharon L. Roan is a synthesis of recent research and practical advice on all aspects of health for girls of elementary age to teen age. Roan covers a variety of topics so important to mothers of girls - fitness, eating disorders, athletics, academics, nutrition, mental health, reproductive changes, and lifestyle choices.

After 12 years of parenting experience, I no longer find parental advice to be especially riveting. However, the breadth of Our Daughter's Health and the relatively nonjudgmental tone of the author provide to a useful overview for parents of girls, which everyone is sure to benefit. If you are like me, you deal with these issues as they come up during the day in a rather piecemeal fashion. This is a great way to think through your goals as a parent and to reflect on what is essential, something all too often lost in the busy day to day activities involved in parenting.

The information contained in Our Daughter's Health is a summary of research articles, newspaper reports and personal anecdotes from Internet forums. Sharon Roan is the personal health writer for the Los Angeles Times, and the depth and breadth of her experience as a writer rewards us with clear pose, without the overlay of confusing jargon you find in many parenting or medical books. Every parent is sure to benefit from reading this book, with its numerous topics and the up-to-date information. Just to give a quick example of the number of topics discussed -- discussions include sleep needs, math skills, peer pressure, diets, genetics, stress, sexual harassment, vitamins, and much more. This is a book useful for a wide range of ages, even as early as preschool. Its a great benefit to be able to look into the future, with this book, to understand the importance of foundation of good health and communication with your daughter at every step of the way.

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