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Introduction to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is often an intermediary stop for families adopting children from China, Vietnam or other Asian countries. You can enhance your journey and appreciation of Asian culture if you spend a few hours in Hong Kong and the vicinity.

English is spoken in the hotels and in many restaurants and shops making Hong Kong a perfect city to start the acclimatization process for a trip to Asia. While it is a Chinese city, many of the signs, guidebooks and brochures are also in English.

The area we think of as Hong Kong is actually a set of islands and a peninsula from the mainland of China. Formerly a British Territory, it recently (June,1997) became part of the People's Republic of China.

Map of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Island is located just south of Guangdong province in China. Kowoon, Lantau Island, and the New Territories are part of the same area as the city of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is separated from the rest of the People's Republic of China by mountains and by 100 years of British rule. A very industrialized and energetic city, goods from Hong Kong are sent throughout the world. The language and culture are similar although not identical to those of the Guangdong province of China.

Mountains beyond the Hong Kong skyscrapers.

Sign for foot massage.

As it as been separate from the mainland of China for so many years, culture and speech are in some aspects similar to the older Chinese ways than the mainland. In addition, British culture and language seems to overlay these more ancient traditions.

One way that this vigorous juxtaposition of the old and the new in Hong Kong is demonstrated in Hong Kong is the abundance of unusual bamboo scaffolding. This scaffolding encases so many of the tall skyscrapers - as new buildings rise up and old buildings are revitalized. It is awe inspiring to watch the skilled workers climb twenty or more stories high as they work on the buildings using this ancient and renewable resource. Bamboo scaffolding is everywhere you go - a constant reminder of the expansion and energy of Hong Kong.

Bamboo scaffolding - a traditional approach to buiding in Hong Kong, China.

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Hong Kong

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