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Post Adoption Testing of Children Adopted from Asia

Tests and Vaccinations For Children Adopted From China.
By Dr. Jacqueline Jacobs Gindler

Pediatric Red Book Recommendations for Testing of Internationally Adopted Children.
By Dr. Linda K. Snelling

A letter to Families with Children from China from Jerri Ann Jenista, MD
By Dr. Jerri Jenista
Discussion of recommended tests for children adopted internationally, and of issues of concern for families adopting from China.

Health Status of Adopted Chinese Orphans on Arrival in the US
International Adoption Clinic, University of Minnesota; International Adoption Clinic Tufts, New England Medical Center; and Dr. Michael Traister.
Health assessment results of 154 Chinese children adopted from orphanages.

Adoption of Children from Foreign Countries - Medical Assessment
The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Manitoba
Recommendations for medical examination of children adopted internationally. u[date - add fcv, adoptvietnam etc.. jeez..

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Tests and vaccinations for children adopted from Asia. Http://