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Hepatitis B

Vaccinations of Asian Adoptees for Hepatitis B

An Addendum to the Hepatitis B FAQ

By Jerri Ann Jenista, MD

If child has anti-HBs (surface antibody) and anti-HBc (core antibody) and is over 18 months, he is immune. No need to vaccinate.

If child has anti-HBs and/or anti-HBC and is under 18 months, this may be maternal antibody. Either vaccinate and retest in 6 months or retest in 6 months and vaccinate if antibody is gone.

If child has anti-HBs alone at any age and also a documented history of hepatitis B vaccine, finish hepatitis B series. Can retest at 6 months but probably not necessary.

If child has no markers posistive or interpretation no clear at any age, vaccinate and retest in 6 months.

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Hepatitis B

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